Here are a few shots of the recording space. Im not much of a  photographer, so here is the best I am able to provide. Check them out, and maybe you will get a bit of a vibe of what the studio is about. There are more traps and foam treatments than usual in a small room as you may notice. These treatments however, make the room sound incredibly faithful in reproduction. A colleague of mine that came to give a consultation once said,

"I wouldnt even mind mastering in this room!"

That was a nice compliment in itself.  :)

Click Here for some samples

  Me with the best sounding acoustic I have owned, Tacoma DR-20! Thank you my lovely Cathleen for taking the pic!

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Controlled Reflective Area (CRA), with GIK basstraps... These tighten it all up!!

Iso bay area, very effective and "dead"area for voice and instruments!

Central command station for the Starship Enterprise??
No, just my humble mix station! The can of garbanzo beans at the top left are a reminder for me to keep the mix simple, loud, clear and dry!

Another wall in the hardwood floor area