Hi folks,
I will be editing some clips to make them a bit smaller in length, as I have time, and adding them here. So come back and  check it out!

  Here is a recent sample I did for Oktavamod, comparing a modified 219 mic vs. the stock one. It has no effects or compression......pulled right out of Sonar.  the first one is the modded one. I am becoming a big fan of modified microphones, as the difference in these clips show. Its just not neccesary to have one, or a few 2000 dollar mics to render beautiful results. Like I say, the recording environment and the proper room containment are the keys, much more than cheap or pricey gear of any kind...

Modded 219

Stock 219

  This is a sample that was done very fast. A client needed to get this solo guitar/vocal performance done in a quick hour, for audio to be on a DVD, or they would have to just forego having it included. The DVD was going to be duped that afternoon, so this is the only single mic guitar/voice performance I have done to date. I positioned the 414 around a bit, and I think it took 3 takes. I mastered it real fast, burned it, and off to the presses!!! There was no control over seperate levels or effects, and we were very fortunate that it turned out as good as it did...ultimately, I would of course record seperate tracks on anything like this. I believe this track supports the fact that a one mic performance is possible. Hey, back in the day, they had no multitrack capabilities!! So it was all done like this!!

  There is a bit of verb added to this, and only normalized. Any compression didnt work, because both sources were tied together in a way where any compression just seemed to make it sound worse....


  This one is the Presonus firebox. I bought one to "hear" what it sounded like, instead of reading countless reviews and opinions. Well, it was pretty good, and anyone could make good sounds with it....in fact, I defy anyone to say that you couldnt make a killer sounding release with this sound quality. Its just me noodling on acoustic for a listening test.  It didnt have enough i/o for me, so I had to sell it..There is alot of industry hype about product specs folks, that is mostly propaganda to suck more money from enthusiasts ........beware!!


There will be more samples to come, thanks!