Lessons at Acoustic Cloud Studios
Studied since the early 80's with several highly respected teachers in the area. This was covering music theory, scales and improvisation techniques using these valuable tools, that will benefit anyone, no matter what music you play. Studied intensely with the late Dick Grove on sight singing, reading, and interval evaluations and identification without using an instrument. None of anyone's education though, is as important as the time spent in the trenches, teaching on a full time basis. You become a better teacher, by teaching, period. The longer you teach, the better you get!

Studio Lessons Group lessons, up to 3 students $60.00

  Private Lessons,1/2 hour per week $80.00

Special Rate Info Same time every week, half hour lesson. Paid for the month in advance at the first lesson of each month. I can usually reschedule lessons, if given some notice. If there are 5 weeks in the month, the cost is $100.00 for 5 weeks.

If you have a bandmate, friend or songwriting partner, group lessons are available! This is sometimes more beneficial than single private lessons.
Student Examples
Student Name:  Ariel Fischer
Comments:  Accomplished piano player,18 years old. Guitar is his second instrument.
MP3:  Ariel Fischer.mp3

Student Name:  Alex Hart
Comments:  Good serious student. He has been playing maybe 2 years. Likes Rock and blues.
MP3:  ALEX HART mp3.mp3

Student Name:  Braydon Arroyo
Comments:  He has played the bass for several years, but the guitar for only 1 1/2 years. He is 14, and rocks !
MP3:  Braydon Arroyo.mp3

Student Name:  Darryl Vaughn
Comments:  30 years old. Been playing for maybe 2 years. Proof that its never too old to start!
MP3:  Darryl.mp3

Student Name:  Greg Merrill
Comments:  Good sounding phraser, this is his second instrument also. Playing for about 4 years, 17 years old.
MP3:  Greg Merrill.mp3

Student Name:  Ian Brazill
Comments:  He is a drummer, and a killer guitarist, as a second instrument. 17 years old, and plays guitar and drums for the Fender Benders, at Fender USA in Corona!
MP3:  Ian B.mp3

Student Name:  Ian Thomas
Comments:  This is Ians third instrument. 15 years old, and playing for 3 years.
MP3:  Ian Thomas.mp3

Student Name:  Ivan Bergviest
Comments:  Another dude, 15 years old, that plays french horn also.
MP3:  Ivan.mp3

Student Name:  Kiera Miller
Comments:  Very cool girl, that loves jazz. Only 14, been playing for maybe 3 years.
MP3:  Kiera.mp3

Student Name:  Kirk
Comments:  This dude loves ska, jazz, and blues! 19 years old.
MP3:  kirky-Track 4.mp3

Student Name:  Oliver Smith
Comments:  Ollie loves rock, and is only 14 years old. He will be a pro someday!
MP3:  Oliver Smith.mp3

Student Name:  Russell Parsons
Comments:  Old friend from High School. Another example that it's never too late to play!
MP3:  Russ Parsons.mp3

Student Name:  Troy Miller
Comments:  He is Kieras dad. They take lessons together. Hoe cool is that to jam with the fam?
MP3:  Troy M.mp3

Student Name:  Tyler
Comments:  This dude is only 14, and has a nice Richie Blackmore influence.
MP3:  Tyler.mp3

Student Name:  Wyatt Wiggans
Comments:  Blues man, to say the least!
MP3:  Wyatt.mp3

Student Name:  Taylor Pluim
Comments:  This is the outro to a wonderful song my student Taylor wrote. I could not include the whole tune, but it is very nice! How far he has come since he was a teen!
MP3:  Andys Song FINA.mp3