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The studio is in a house, on a street, with neighbors and telephone poles..located in the Inland Empire, Southern California. Riverside to be exact!

Acoustic Cloud Studio is a small private public studio, catering to individual acoustic, and vocal talent. Singer-songwriter, voice over artists, small vocal groups and  instrument ensembles can feel relaxed in our productive environment. Premium room soundproof-containment providing ultra clear audio recordings, preserving all the performance nuances that are sometimes absent from some larger studios. We have high performance audio gear, no budget home studio toys found here. The equipment is exactly what is needed for this type of audio. After trying a billion things, you learn, and we did!

  In addition to the recording facility, we also offer guitar and bass lessons, as well as guitar repairs from the workshop.

I have always liked to use interactive tools in my lessons.  I use my teaching studio, and recording studio for lessons, and the possibilities are endless. Playing along with drum rhythms thru the amps, or studio speakers lets the student know what its like to keep time with other players. You may want to play with other musicians someday, right!? If I play bass with you, its like a 3 piece band! Its just plain fun, and sounds like you are in the middle of a band rehearsal.

Need to learn a song? Finding it in seconds online ensures that I can hear it, and show you how to play it! You dont even need to have it on CD, or on your Ipod!

Two different recording systems here will make you shine, as your performances can be captured forever!  We can turn them into mp3's, send them to your friends or relatives, burn them on CD, or turn them into ringtones for your own cell!

Because of these luxuries, I can teach in a more life like-band-studio-performance environment, an environment that you will actually be in someday, interacting with other players. Even if you desire to be a solo artist, playing and singing by yourself, this is for you!

Bottom line:

Whatever you do, go to a living teacher that is in front of you.
They can praise you, laugh with you, teach you, correct you, etc....
"Johnny Cyberspace Lessons"
offer you nothing, period

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This is about serious audio capture...we hope to "hear you here!"

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